Success Tip – 17 Powerful Affirmations


Affirmations (positive statements about things already happening) are a great tool to take you along your journey of success.  In my last post I talked about ways to create your affirmations.

To help you with that process, I thought I’d give you a few examples – 17 in fact.

  1. I am peacefully allowing my life to unfold.
  2. I am breaking through old habits of behavior and moving forward in my life.
  3. I am a person of worth and value and I am enjoying my success.
  4. I am powerful, I am loving and I am loved.
  5. I am living on purpose creating my dream business.
  6. I am rich in relationships, wealth and love.
  7. I am making positive choices about what I do.
  8. I am successfully attracting success and successful people around me to be ‘my people’.
  9. I am celebrating and enjoying my business
  10. I am a person of value and behave as someone of value.
  11. God is my infinite supply, and large sums of money come to me quickly and easily for the highest good of all concerned (Jack Canfield)
  12. I am effectively communicating my needs and desires.
  13. I am confidently managing my time, enthusiastically getting things done!
  14. I am lovingly supporting my family to express their gifts and talent.
  15. I am confidently depositing a windfall into my bank account and excited about how I will be helping my family
  16. I am making positive decision and choices about what I do with my money.
  17. I am focusing on my many blessings and I am grateful.

Create or select those that feel right to you write them in your diary or an ‘affirmation’ notebook as a reminder. Read them out loud.  Repeat them regularly throughout the day, to change the thoughts in your mind and reap positive outcomes.

Now a strong reminder of the point I made in my previous blog post about affirmations – use them a positive tool to change thinking and shift your mindset – but add action!

Jim Rohn said. “ …affirmations without action can be the beginning of self-delusion”

Change your thinking and act!

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